Help shape the future of steel-faced insulated panel systems

Steadmans is an active member of Engineered Panels in Construction (EPIC), a trade body that undertakes research and disseminates information to the construction industry about the performance of steel-faced insulated panel systems.

EPIC regularly produces guidance documents and is conducting a brief survey to understand what is currently of concern or interest to industry stakeholders, and find out what issues would be most useful to cover. Because we are approaching you on behalf of EPIC, you may receive this e-mail more than once from different members. If so, we apologise for clogging up your inbox, but don’t worry, we only want you to respond once!

Would you take part, to help shape the ongoing work undertaken by EPIC and click on the link below and answer the questions?

EPIC have confirmed that your answers will appear anonymously, and any data will be treated in accordance with current GDPR regulations.

Thank you for helping to build a brighter, safer future.