Kingspan News

You may have heard the announcement on the 7th October 2019 that SIG plc have entered into an agreement for the sale of Building Solutions (National) Limited (incorporating Steadmans, Trimform, United Roofing Products and Advancing Cladding) to Kingspan Group, specifically, Kingspan Holdings (Panels) Limited. The agreement to sell Building Solutions is subject to CMA (Competition and Markets Authority) clearance, which means that there are certain checks that need to take place before the agreement is fully completed.  We anticipate that the agreement will be completed towards the end of Q4 2019. As such, at this time, there will be no changes that should affect our commercial relationship with any of our customers or suppliers.  We will, of course, keep everyone as informed as we can during this process. Our normal business contacts will still be available through all of the usual channels.  Our contact details email addresses, bank account, VAT number, registered address and branding remains unchanged. Lance Wilson Brand and Divisional Management Director – North, Scotland & Ireland